San Francisquito Creek Trail

San Francisquito Creek Trail

Here are a few pics from a visit on Sunday to the San Francisquito Creek Trail in the Baylands.

The trail skirts the edge of the Baylands Golf Links course.

A spur goes into the salt marsh at the edge of San Francisco Bay.

An American wigeon floats on the Bay.  Wigeons eat primarily aquatic and terrestrial plants.

Looking across San Francisco Bay from the end of the spur.

California buckwheat is a common native wildflower in this area.

A Clark's grebe swims down San Francisquito Creek in search of fish to eat.

The afternoon sun makes shadow patterns on the bridge over San Francisquito Creek.


Babelfishing Poetry: "Come, Bleach-Like Dog"

Babelfishing Poetry: "Come, Bleach-Like Dog"

Hello all!  So nice to see you. Come in and have a look around -- the kettle is on, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and make yourself comfortable.  You are just in time for more Babelfishing poetry, where I take song lyrics, run them through an on-line translator such as (but not necessarily) Babelfish, adjust the punctuation a bit, and wind up with a quirky kind of poem.

This week it's Hank Williams' "Move It On Over" (listen to Hank sing the song here, or listen to George Thorgood's cover version here.)  Enjoy. 

Come, Bleach-Like Dog

At 10:00 at night,
this child will not play.
Come on, it will be avoided.
The dog bounces because the big dog barks.

The lock went to the front door.
More importantly, the door is closed.
Scooter drives this way.
Run a fluffy dog because the dog went there.

Once warns twice,
but they did not hear the directions.
Shake it, too.
Reduce your dog because of long dogs and traps.

Remember that she cries in front of a child.
How are you doing with me on this page?
Primary warning next.
Come, bleach-like dog, there's a reason dogs go there.


Crane Cove Park

Crane Cove Park

Here are some pics from a Sunday visit to Crane Cove Park in San Francisco.

A view of the park, which was very recently opened.

Historically, ship hulls used to be assembled here from plates and equipment fabricated in other areas of the site. When the hulls were complete, they were launched down this slipway, which was gently sloped to ease the hull into the water.

Some cranes still in operation at Pier 70.

The small beach at the park is very stony.

The tower of one of the original cranes.  The boom is being restored off-site.

Magenta flowers stand out on a gray day.

The gigantic metal lathe from one of the shipbuilding shops is on display in the park.

A control panel on the lathe is weathered with age.

The top of the slipway carries a warning.

The white, yellow and blue lines painted on the slipway trace the shapes of the hulls of the various ships that were built on that spot in years past (USS Olympia, USS South Dakota, and The Sullivans, respectively).


Babelfishing Poetry: Ceramic Pot!"

Babelfishing Poetry: Ceramic Pot!"

Oh hi!  I hope you've all been fine and well?  No upsets?  No disasters?  No civil uprisings, tornadoes, floods, unexpected sinkholes, avalanches, mudslides, blizzards, hailstorms, lightning strikes, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis, volcanoes, sandstorms, alien abductions, toxic spills, transit strikes, computer crashes, polar vorticies, landslides, gaping potholes, pandemics, solar flares?  I hope not, I really do.  Because that would be dreadful, it really would.  Assuming all is fine and well in your neck of the woods, I hope you're in the mood for more Babelfishing poetry, where I take song lyrics, run them through an on-line translator such as (but not necessarily) Babelfish, tweak the punctuation a bit, and wind up with a quirky kind of poem.

This week it's Jerry Lee Lewis' rollicking 1957 hit "Great Balls Of Fire" (listen to song here).  Enjoy. 

Ceramic Pot!

I'll trust my feet, and I have seen my feet.
I love the love with the love of love.
The lovely love, the love, the love is great.
Take this off, it's easy to remove.

I saw what he loves.
But surely you cannot tell.
For my love, for my love, I will not lie in love.
Peel it off, it's DOS-DOS easy.

Do something, please.
Talk to me of your discordant.
Are you feeling in love with Anata?
There is no reason to say it.
Piss off! Ceramic pot! Ceramic pot! Ceramic pot! Nee! Nee! Nee!

I will suffer from division.
It's a good time, and it's a good thing.
The child is angry with me.
It was an amazing fireball.