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Date: 5-15-2009 11:35 AM
Subject: Tree Walk, Palo Alto West Bayshore Neighborhood
Security: Public
Tags:bee, canopy, carob, eichler, field trip, palm, palo alto, poppy, rose, tree walk
Tree Walk, Palo Alto West Bayshore Neighborhood

Last Saturday D. and I went on a tree walk in Palo Alto, organized by Canopy, a cool local tree advocacy group. Once a month they get a local tree expert to lead the public on free walks through selected neighborhoods in Palo Alto to look at the really cool and notable trees and talk about the proper care of them.

This walk's tree expert was Arborist Chris. He told us all kinds of stuff about the trees we saw in the West Bayshore neighborhood, and I took these pics of what stuck my eye.

Drama in a white rose.

Potato vine.

I'll bet that's a self-portrait hanging in the entryway of this house (which is one of the many Eichlers in that neighborhood).

Poppies in someone's yard.

A bee visits a Macartney rose, pollen baskets full.

The upraised petal on this rose seems to be saying "Oh hai" to the next bee ready to visit.

A carpenter bee visits this rose.

The crazily-marked trunk of a carob tree.  Its pods take a full year to ripen.  (I forgot to ask Arborist Chris why the bark is so scarred.)

A trio of California fan palms towers over the neighborhood.

This Canary Island date palm seems to reach up to the sun.  Its fruit is too small to bother eating.

A gorgeous pink rose.

A close-up of a gorgeous pale lavender rose.

A gorgeous two-tone rose.  It almost looks neon.

A gorgeous lavender rose.

A gorgeous white rose.

We turn from the yard of the gorgeous roses to find an American elm, on which someone did an egregious hack-job.

The bane of every neighborhood. 

No translation needed.

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