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Babelfishing Poetry - 'Beautiful Succeeding Rainbow'

Babelfishing Poetry - 'Beautiful Succeeding Rainbow'

Babelfishing is taking a bit of text and running it through an on-line translator to get a resulting mish-mash of text which, with a few judicious line breaks, can be fashioned into poetry. I try not to tweak the results too much from what pops out, but once in a while I'll take some miniscule artistic liberties with punctuation or word order.

I mostly go from English to French, German, Russian and Japanese, sometimes Chinese and Italian or Portuguese, depending on my mood and the results I've obtained so far.

Beautiful Succeeding Rainbow

But I see your lighting system real of the flower
I see your flower and that's real;
it finishes them
because the mistresses thus don't
it scares them
they avoid to demonstrate
that your real flower spends real
that is the beautiful succeeding rainbow

Cyndi Lauper, "True Colors"

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