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Biofeedback: The Quest Continues

Biofeedback: The Quest Continues

At my previous pain management center appointment, my pain doc said she faxed in her referral for biofeedback sessions that she thought might help with my chronic pain and myofascial tension. After getting a voicemal message and playing phone tag for a day I finally spoke with someone from that department at Stanford. She asked me to tell her why I was referred there. Um, it's all on the referral form my doc faxed in? But I humored her and spelled it out for her anyway. She said, "Wow, that's really neat that your doc is so forward-looking. Not all docs would think that way. But we don't do that here. They do that at the Center for Integrative Medicine. They're at 1101 Welch Rd."

I said, "My doc said you do it there, at 780 Welch Rd."

She said, "No, you need to go to the Center for Integrative Medicine. They have a lot of folks there who do all kinds of things like that."

I said, "No, my doc wants me to see Dr. S-P. specifically, at 780 Welch Rd."

She said, "Oh, I didn't see his name on the referral form. You're right, it says so right there." At this point I started to headdesk. She didn't see my doc's reason for the referral which was right there on the form, she didn't see the requested doc's name which was right there on the form . . . what else was this woman not seeing that was right there on the form? I could see where this was going, and it wasn't pretty.

She went on, "We don't have a Dr. S-P. here. Do you have a phone number for him? You should call him directly."

My pain doc had given me a sheet with the biofeedback doc's info on it, so I actually did have it. So I thanked her and called the number on the info sheet my pain doc had given me. I got a recording saying the number had been changed to a new one, so I called that one, wondering how up-to-date this info from my pain doc actually was. An answering machine answered at that new number, and it sounded like a time warp from the 1980s, with one of those clicky, clunky cassette tape answering machines whose outgoing message sounded so muffled and mumbling as to be all but unintelligible.

So I left a message, but I don't expect to get a call back.

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