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Sunnyvale Levees

Sunnyvale Levees

On Sunday D. and I went out to the levees around the salt ponds and water pollution control plant oxidation ponds in Sunnyvale. Here's some pics I took.

One of the water treatment lagoons.

Mom and Pop Black-necked stilt flee our approach, but Junior hasn't learned to be wary yet.

A gull in a water treatment pond.

A mallard hen.

A view across the marshes to Mt. Diablo in the far distance.

Parts of the marsh were ablaze with yellow gum plant.

It's called gum plant because its foliage has a resinous coating, making it gummy or sticky to the touch.

At a curve in the levee on the far side of the pond we find a huge pile of busted-up pavement -- a broken road, dumped out here for some reason.

A congregation of egrets, along with some mallards.

This is one of the largest collections of great and snowy egrets we've ever seen together in one place.  NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field is in the background.

A huge pod of pelicans.  Our passage along a parallel levee makes them nervous, and most of them take off until we've moved far enough away.

On the edge of the marsh, we find the House of Blue Drips.

A pumphouse for the flood control system, I suppose. 

Looking along Guadalupe Slough towards Alviso.

Sparkly water and a rare pocket beach far out on a levee.

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