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Babelfishing Poetry: Rain of the Drop

Babelfishing Poetry: Rain of the Drop

More Babelfishing poetry. This time, it's The Blessing, "Delta Rain."

Rain of the Drop

The thunder is rising,
you speak the wire
where substance has lived.
In order for
the rain to fall with New Orleans,
put in place me straightly.

As for the silver bell
you sound because of the
treaty which you can do with
the girl south
it is accustomed by the
glowfly and the
starlight for their surfaces.

And passing by the groove,
there are times when the
wild water it moves from the sea,
but it is not anything which
I do not expose dangerously
in order to put in place this
bird of the love growing

Shake your hair,
come with me, and dance.
There is no good necessity
where there are we
with it is lonely.
Although to be wide
it becomes large because the
river kisses the sea
overflows in delta, can the
eye of the sweetheart

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