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Babelfishing Poetry: Sloop Juan the B.

Babelfishing Poetry: Sloop Juan the B.

Another installment of Babelfishing poetry. Today it's the Beach Boys, "Sloop John B"

Sloop Juan the B.

I come in sloop Juan the B.,
the bad grandfathers and.
Around wet external city we
roamed to traverse.
Drinking the whole night,
I entered a fight.
I create well, therefore
aforesaid in fallow land
it would want to go to house.

Machine so of elevation
upon Juan B'
the candles of S,
see, how the great candle fits.
If you demand to the earth captain,
let me goes to house,
let it that goes to house.
It would want to go
yes to house

Feel me good
I, therefore
fallow land arrives,
I wanted to go
to house.

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