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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 10-10-2009 8:00 AM
Subject: Snail Hatchlings
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Tags:baby, milk snail, oh hai, snail
Snail Hatchlings

Three weeks old, in their new, bigger tank.

Oh hai!

Oh hai!

I'm on ur stik. Upsigh-downz.

Hey, that looks good! Save some for me!

It turns out these are not the hybrid offspring of a mating with Latif, the Theba pisana, after all. Expert opinion is that Paola, my milk snail (Otala lactea), was probably "with child" when I got her (even though I thought she was still a juvenile at the time), and the eggs she laid were the product of a union with another milk snail even though she subsequently mated with Latif in my snail tank.

So these little guys here are just regular Otala lactea babies. And they're so gosh darn cute, too!

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