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We had a huge rain and wind storm here a couple of days ago, and a big limb came down off the Chinese pistache tree in our front yard. It missed my car in the driveway by 5 feet. If D. had still been home, it would have hit his van.

Rainfall records were set all over the Bay Area. It was the worst October storm in the region since 1962. We got over 2.25" of rain Tuesday. The National Weather Service predicted wind speeds of 25-40 mph and gusts of 60-70 mph. Hurricane-force gusts of 77 mph were recorded in San Francisco Bay. No wonder the limb came down.

D. was surprised when he pulled up and saw a big branch where he usually parks.

Yesterday the city came out and took away the fallen tree limb. They left a big snag on the trunk where they ripped the branch off. There is a black area inside the wood, probably some kind of fungus infection that weakened the limb.

They also left a mess of fairly large bark pieces, leaves and berries on the lawn and driveway. But at least the big branch is gone, and the clean-up continues city-wide.

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