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More Los Trancos / San Andreas Fault Pics

More Los Trancos / San Andreas Fault Pics

Here are some pics D. took when we were at the Loma Prieta 20th Anniversary Earthquake Walk at Los Trancos Open Space Preserve last weekend.

A sign in the parking lot at Los Trancos warns us not to blunder into illegal plots of cultivated marijuana by staying on the trails.

Docent Ann, who helped out on the hike.

A rise in the trail provides a view of the East Bay.

Docent Paul uses an inflatable globe to help explain plate tectonics.

Treetops trace the fault running through Los Trancos.

Looking south toward Loma Prieta (peak with antennae in center of pic), the epicenter of the 1989 quake.

Looking north along the San Andreas Fault to Crystal Springs Reservoir, a huge sag pond dammed up and used for storing water for the City of San Francisco.  It sits right on top of the fault.

Along the San Andreas Fault Trail, we find a rusted, mossy piece of farm machinery abandoned in the underbrush, hinting at the locale's history prior to becoming an open space preserve.

The fault trace is visible as a low spot in neighboring Monte Bello Open Space Preserve.

A peaceful scene along the trail next to the sag pond sitting on the fault in Monte Bello, with no hint of the restless (and sometimes violent) earth below.

The view south toward Loma Prieta, from a lookout spot in Monte Bello.

Our beautiful landscape is shaped by the often destructive movements of earthquakes.
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