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'We will be a bridge for you'

'We will be a bridge for you'

I had something unusual happen during my daily meditation about a month ago.

All my immediate family have passed on, and while I usually don't think about them every day, for some reason I did the other day during my meditation. I'd rather not be opening up communication with my family for the time being. For the most part I've forgiven them for all that's happened, but that doesn't mean I want to be in contact either. I feel it's best to go my own way separate from them.

For some reason during my meditation the other day, all my deceased family appeared as energy beings, radiating a lot of light, and they said "We will be a bridge for you." And they turned themselves into steel construction beams made of light and then formed themselves into an actual bridge, like a steel-beam truss bridge, glowing with light.

After a moment I felt my being answer them, "I accept."

I wonder if this is their way of making a reconciliation, of trying to patch things up. I wonder if it might not even mean a bridge between them and me, it could also mean a bridge for me to move on with my own life and transformation. I wonder if it could mean a bridge connecting my past to my present, or my conscious to my subconscious, integrating them.

The spirit world has its own logic. I can't make this conform to any Earth-plane notions of having to make a certain kind of sense.

Especially since the bridge they showed me was free-floating in space, not connected to anything.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if they were even really my family.

Maybe this doesn't actually mean anything at all after all.


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