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Date: 11-26-2009 4:06 PM
Subject: Autumn Neighborhood
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Tags:autumn, chinese pistache, maple, mushroom, sights around town
Autumn Neighborhood

My neighborhood explodes with color every fall. There are Chinese pistaches, sweet gums, Norway maples, ginkgos, crepe myrtles and Bradford pears that become raging infernos of hot hues when the days grow short and cool. Yesterday D. and I took a stroll through nearby streets in the mild afternoon, and I took these pics.

The spectacle begins out in front, with the flaming red Chinese pistache on our lawn and the golden yellow elm across the street.

The show continues only 2 houses down in the form of a crepe myrtle, whose russet tones are ignited by the low angle of the sun behind it.

Everywhere you look, there is drama overhead.

On Dana St., these cherry tree leaves glow in the dappled afternoon light.

Yellow cherry and brown plane tree leaves mingle on a lawn.

This ginkgo on Dana St. is a fountain of brilliant yellow.

The sidewalk on Pettis Ave. is awash with fallen Norway maple leaves that rustle and crunch underfoot as we pass.

At the next house, we find several enormous masses of mushrooms popping up around a camphor tree.

They ring the entire trunk, some sprouting from the base of the trunk itself.

They are the reproductive parts of the fungus living in the moisture below ground, which breaks down organic matter to release the nutrients back into the soil for life to utilize anew.

There are a thousand shades of red, yellow and gold among this crepe mytle's branches.

I never knew crepe myrtles had such stunning fall foliage.

Eye-popping gorgeous!

On our way back, the Buddha of Villa St. basks serenely in autumn's mellow light.

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