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Niles Canyon, and Evening Clouds

Niles Canyon, and Evening Clouds

On Sunday, D. and I took a drive through Niles Canyon, and I took some pics.

Barely visible through the scrub alongside the tracks, The Niles Canyon Railway's holiday Train of Lights gets itself ready to take on the evening's first passengers.

Obviously, the lights don't have their fullest effect until after dark.

Up above the tracks we find a rusted firebox from an old steam locomotive.  On its side, it is almost as tall as I am.

Looking up Alameda Creek at the mouth of Niles Canyon, the hills awash in mid-afternoon light.

Sycamores raise almost-leafless arms into the deep blue sky along the banks of the creek.

Across the creek, shadows deepen in the freshly-green hills as the sun lowers in the sky.

Evening clouds sweep into view through the kitchen window after we get home.

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