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Won-Ton and the Crows

Won-Ton and the Crows

Every year in late autumn and early winter, crows swarm my neighborhood, gorging themselves on the bumper crop of Chinese pistache berries ripening on all the trees along my street.

There is a pistache tree in our front yard.  This time of year, we can count on seeing at least one crow in it every time we open our door.

Our cat Won-Ton is fascinated by these huge birds.

Especially when they hop around on the lawn gobbling up fallen berries.

She would give anything to be able to get outside and go after a big juicy crow.

Never mind that they are probably bigger than she is.

Of course, the crows see her ogling them from the doorway, so they fly off.

Little Won-Ton is left to gaze wistfully after them.

Oh well.  Maybe tomorrow.

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