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Mushroom Patrol

Mushroom Patrol

Here's a report from the latest mushroom patrol in my neighborhood, a couple of days ago.

The caps of these mushrooms on Villa St. are holey.  I think squirrels and/or slugs have been nibbling on them.

An enormous fungus erupts in a parking strip down the block next to the former site of a dead walnut tree, which sprouted its own crop of mushrooms last year (but nothing as huge as this monster).  I am so glad this freaky thing is not on my lawn.

Little bitty mushrooms sprout up on the fringes of the behemoth above.  Maybe they will grow as big, eventually!

The tiny brown cap in this bunch in Dana Park reminds me of a little pancake.

This ruffled cap barely poking up through bark mulch under a magnolia tree on Dana St. looks like a little parasol.

A toadstool trio lends a goth touch to this lawn on Villa St.

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