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Permanente Creek Trail

Permanente Creek Trail

Last Saturday, D. and I took a little walk along the Permanente Creek Trail, and I took some pics.

In nearby Charleston Park, the cherry trees are just beginning to pop into bud.

A milk snail sleeps among mahonia blossoms.

A view downstream, toward San Francisco Bay.

Two milk snails, big and teeny, sleep in the creekbank vegetation.

A plume of red brome grass arches over wild radish flowers.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District, which manages Permanente Creek, has worked to create a more natural streambed within the flood control channel by establishing a series of pools and riffles with carefully placed rocks.

Deeper pools alternating with shallower riffles help to engender greater diversity of species along the creek.  D. and I heard frogs croaking there for the first time ever.

A snowy egret finds good hunting at one riffle.

I love its bright yellow feet.

A family of hooded mergansers (mom, junior and dad) swims upstream.

The trail runs through the sprawling Googleplex.  Alongside the creek, the vegetation is wild.  On the other side of the trail from the creek, photinia is in full bloom at the edge of the landscaped campus.

A culvert carries the creek under US Highway 101.

Looking downstream.

This pipe next to the Charleston Rd. overpass is purple because it carries non-potable treated water.

A glimpse from the trail into part of the Google campus.

Cliff swallow nests cling to a light fixture in the underpass beneath Amphitheatre Parkway.

Purple owl's clover grows where the trail skirts the edge of Shoreline Park's Vista Slope.

It is not a true clover, but a member of the snapdragon family.

A sign in one of the Google buildings proclaims "SF2G: commute by bike from sf to the south bay."

It's only 42 miles, one-way!

One last look at a cluster of cherry blossoms on Amphitheatre Parkway before heading home.


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