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No. 339

No. 339

A nondescript dwelling, it has a realtor's "Coming Soon" sign in front.  The front windows are blocked from the inside with black plastic.

Around the side, a busted fence gapes open, revealing a wildly overgrown yard.

The rear ell is completely engulfed in Canary Island ivy.

That is an open casement window stuck that way because of the ivy infestation.

This place has not been inhabited in a very long time.

A few roses struggle amidst the voluminous sea of ivy.

The windows on the side of the house are almost as bad; there are tendrils of ivy inside the house.

The few rooms we can see into are crammed wall to wall and floor to ceiling with storage boxes.

A bit of bright metal is all that can be seen of a boiler in the yard, swallowed up by ivy and roses.

Dilapidated electric meter enclosure.

Around the other side of the house are a few bright flowers.  They thrive even under neglect.

Further down the alley on this side is a forlorn trellis.

Someone has made a handprint on the wall with paint.

In the back is a huge mess of junk.

This door has not been used in a long, long time.

Considering the condition it's in, I doubt the realtor will make an effort to have an open house.  It will probably sell to someone who will bulldoze it and put up a couple of McMansions on spec.  

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