pahavit (pahavit) wrote,

we walked in meditation

we walked in meditation

we walked in meditation
we walked in trance through the night,
cloaked in shadow and mist,
unsleeping, yet veiled in dreams.

we walked the path of silence
we walked the path of seekers,
through dawn and dusk and dawn again,
to the melancholy ruins
to the hidden temple overgrown with black roses.

we answered the call of the ancient trees
we came to perform the ancient rites
to bridge life and death and life again
to bridge together our souls.

our coupling was our hymn to the primordial fire
our coupling was a deeper song of our souls,
as we lay together, the dawn stars overhead,
paling above our commingled hearts,
slowly dying above our intertwined limbs,
reflected in our luminous tears.

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