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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 8-24-2010 12:52 AM
Subject: Crazy Sign Guy
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Tags:crazy sign guy, sights around town, sign
Crazy Sign Guy

Here in Mountain View we have a crazy sign guy. He sets up a little solar-powered trailer-type message board in various places around town with vague social or philosophical pronouncements spelled out on it. He'll park it at the side of a busy road for several days at a time to get maximum exposure, and then he'll move it someplace else (perhaps prompted by the police, perhaps not; who knows?). "Oh, there's Crazy Sign Guy," D. and I will say as we drive past his latest location in town (well, we don't actually see Crazy Sign Guy himself, just his set-up); "what's his message this time?"

Anyway, we happened upon it yesterday evening while on a walk. Since we were on foot this time, it was a chance for us to take our time and get a close look at the contraption. It had a small solar panel, two car batteries and a trailer thing that looked like it opened up into some kind of display, perhaps, or a small booth. On the side facing traffic, we beheld the current message:

And a few moments after discovering that the letters could be rearranged, we beheld the newest message:

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