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Test Results

Test Results

I originally had blood drawn in January, and due to a mix-up had to go back in May for a re-draw. I didn't get these results till this week. It's been a long, anxious wait.

Cytomegalovirus IgG & IgM -- none detected

Coxsackie B virus panel -- none detected

Parvovirus B19 IgG and IgM -- none detected

Mycoplasma pneumonia IgG and IgM -- IgG = 1.78 HIGH (negative = < 0.90)

Epstein-Barr Virus Profile -- IgG > 5.00 HIGH (negative = < 0.90)

HHV6 IgG and IgM -- 1:320 HIGH (negative = < 1:10)

Natural Killer cell function = 42 LOW NORMAL (normal = 8 - 170)

IgG total and subclasses -- normal range

Free cortisol -- normal range

Serum testosterone, serum progesterone, serum estrogen -- normal range

Overall: low or low-normal on the immune markers and showing high EBV, HHV6 antibody response and moderate Mycoplasma antibody response. This puts me in my specialist doctor's mind in the category of a reasonable anti-viral candidate. Given what's going on in the field right now, he recommends waiting a few more months and then see if I qualify by labs for either an antiviral trial or an immune modulator/antiviral trial.

So . . . I guess I wait some more . . .

EDIT: Forgot to mention that it won't be until next summer before i find the results of my XMRV retrovirus test. That was part of a research study being done by Stanford, testing for not only XMRV but about 50 other possible ME/CFS pathogens, and they won't notify anyone of the results until the study is completed. So I get to wait, big time.

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