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Thursday Night Dream

Thursday Night Dream

I am packing for a trip.

The phone rings, DH answers.

It's for me, a woman in Chicago asking for directions to Sacramento.

I take the phone, "It's easy.  Get on Interstate 80 and take it all the way to Sacramento.  It's real easy."

The woman is very appreciative, "Oh, thanks!  That's what I thought, but I wasn't sure.  I'm so glad you helped me!"

I get in my car and start going to, coincidentally, Sacramento.

I follow the road and after a while the road is getting smaller and smaller.  Eventually it turns into a dirt road and dead-ends at a riverbank.

En route, the right way to go was not obvious and was kept hidden.  The obvious way to go appears to lead people to the dirt road dead-end.

I am alone at the dead-end.  I wonder how my fellow travelers knew the right way to go.  None of them have wound up here with me.

I can see where I am supposed to be across the river, but there is no clear way to get there.

I get out of the car and begin searching the immediate neighborhood for a route to a bridge over the river without having to backtrack on the dirt road. 

The riverbank is full of shabby dwellings and a few down-and-out people here and there.  Most of the run-down houses look empty.  All of the people ignore me.

I wind up in a cul-de-sac surrounded by ill-intentioned men.  They appear out of nowhere.  They don't say anything.  One is holding a rusted aerosol spray can whose original contents have been removed and replaced with something sinister.  He keeps motioning like he wants to spray me with it, but I cannot see a nozzle on the end of the can.

Every time he motions with the can, I motion to block him, and he stops.  The men around us keep shifting position, holding back.  They are waiting for him to strike first.  He motions again, getting closer, and I block again, making contact with him.

Then I wake up.
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