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I Am Blessed

I Am Blessed

Look what the postman brought yesterday! A big box o' goodies!

And look what the postman brought today! Another big box o' goodies!

These surprise boxes were full of fabulous items and beautiful well wishes from wonderful peeps, the friends I've made on Etsy. There were so many cards and messages expressing kind wishes, encouragement and prayers for me as I struggle with overwhelming medical issues. The various items included:

Fudge brownies (vegan!).

Mini shortbread hearts, fudge-filled sandwich cookies, scotcharoos, pecan shortbread and peanut butter cookies (all vegan!!).

Cool brooch and gorgeous hand-drawn card.

Adorable cupcake soaps.

Graceful cup and saucer.

Extraordinary "Sierra" necklace.

Painting of the fabulous Mr. Snailio.

To Sweet V Confections (et al), Inky, Rhody, Sunshine et al, Armada (and Vincent), Pink P, Pinkear (& Tulip), The Jan -- I don't know how I can thank you all for the happiness you've brought me. I was (and am) quite overcome with emotion at this generous and completely unexpected gesture.

I won't post pics of all the messages included with these items, but you have no idea how heartening it has been for me to read your encouraging and caring comments.  When discouragement strikes, I will look back on this unexpected manifestation of kindness and remind myself of all the wonderful people who have taken time out of their lives to express concern about me, and I know my spirits will be lifted.

I've only heard this song once in my life, but for some reason it popped up again in my head, out of nowhere: Victoria Williams, "You Are Loved" (watch video of a live TV performance here). I do feel loved, and I feel most decidedly blessed as well. You all are helping me maintain the hardest type of courage: not the flash of bravery that is over and done with in a moment, but the daily resolve not to quit, even in the face of relentless chronic illness.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for helping me get through some very tough times. ((((hugs))))

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