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Babelfishing Poetry: "Hurdy-Gurdy Love Song"

Babelfishing Poetry: Hurdy-Gurdy Love Song

Hello! It's Friday! Are you looking forward to the weekend? Me too.  And are you looking forward to some more Babelfishing poetry, where I take song lyrics, run them through an on-line translator such as (but not necessarily) Babelfish, futz around with the punctuation a bit, and wind up with a quirky kind of poem? You are? Yay! You're in luck, because here is this week's installment.

Today we reach way back into the distant mists of time to put Donovan's 1968 hit "Hurdy-Gurdy Man" through the Babelfishing treatment (watch video here).

Hurdy-Gurdy Love Song

I find I have
thrown peep of
the sea stars,
great for sleeping,
like why I opened my eyes
to get a Minister
of peace.

Hurdy gurdy.
Love song.

It's when people came,
it was from.

Hurdy gurdy.
Love song.

Then people came.


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