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Saturday Afternoon Walk: Mostly Mushrooms

Saturday Afternoon Walk: Mostly Mushrooms

On Saturday afternoon D. and I took a walk through the neighborhood, and I took some pics of stuff that caught my eye.

A fallen eucalyptus branch in a parking lot.

Pigeons on a light standard on the Shoreline Blvd. overpass.

Here is a dead camphor tree encircled by a huge colony of mushrooms.

The sheer mass of fungi is most impressive.   This pic shows less than half of it all.

They are the oak root fungus, or honey mushroom.

They are a parasite and saprophyte (meaning they live off dead trees after killing them).

Above ground we see individual mushrooms, which are the reproductive structures of the single fungal organism underground.

Many of these mushrooms have released their whitish powdery spores onto the caps of those below.

This poor palm sapling a few feet away has also succumbed to the fungi.

These mushrooms always remind me of little pancakes.

I wonder what pancakes with sautéed mushrooms would taste like? 

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