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"Cosmo, no!"

"Cosmo, no!"

On the other side of 7th Ave today I saw a small ruckus with two women and an overexcited dog. It looked like they were trying to get him into their car but he kept on racing up and down the sidewalk in giddy abandon, then almost out into the relatively heavy traffic. The two women were yelling "Cosmo! Cosmo! No! Come here! Here! Get in the car! Now!", but he kept racing around like a lunatic. Every time one of the women approached him he'd race away like it was some kind of delirious game of Chase Cosmo. He ran across to my side of the street, away from the woman screaming at him, veering and careening all over, barely making it across without getting hit by the traffic, half darting back into the street, then galloping up to me, with the woman in pursuit screaming at me "Grab him! Grab him!"

So as he maniacally bounded up onto me I got a hold of his collar and got some sloppy dog kisses in the process. As the woman caught up to us I smiled and said, "The SPCA offers dog training classes." She hurriedly grabbed Cosmo and said, "He's just 8 months old. He's being trained," then hurried back across the street to the second woman at the car, with a firm grip on Cosmo's collar. Cosmo was having a great adolescent time, totally clueless as to how much danger he'd just been in.

Why wasn't he on a leash to begin with anyway? They live on a heavily traveled through-street; what were they thinking, that their dog would somehow be protected by some kind of magical doggie voodoo or something?

I'm not sure but I think the woman thanked me for grabbing her dog. It was hard to tell with all the other yelling and general chaos going on. She'd better get both herself and her dog into a training class pronto, otherwise there might be an unnecessarily sad end for Cosmo. Keeping Cosmo safe by training him to respond to voice commands will be thanks enough for me.

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