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Today's Field Trip: Out and About in SF

Today's Field Trip: Out and About in SF

Today D. and I went out and about in SF.

First we went to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market and bought red chard, dandylion greens, baby collard greens, broccolini and upland cress (just like watercress, only different!).

Then I gave him a tour of the SF SPCA's Maddie's Adoption Center, and we took a look at all the kitties and doggies waiting for adoption. A rabbit rescue group was also showcasing some bunnies there for the day as well.

After lunch we took a look at Battery Boutelle, right behind the Golden Gate Bridge. While walking the trails behind the battery we were surprised to see some lovely stands of wild irises.

We then stopped in the Presidio to take a look at the West Coast Memorial to the soldiers who lost their lives in the coastal waters of the Pacific during WW II. D. spotted a golden eagle soaring above the cliffs in search of lunch.

Our next stop was at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. Rodin's The Thinker is in the courtyard. George Segal's Holocaust installation is nearby.

Our final stop was Sutro Heights Park. This was once the site of the home of mayor Adolph Sutro and includes a statue of Diana, whose companion canine unfortunately is missing his snout and forelegs (damn vandals!).

By then I was very tired and very cold, so we came home to enjoy what we bought at the Farmer's Market.

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