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More Harm Than Good

More Harm Than Good

Someone emailed me a link to this:
Chronic Fatigue Is in the Genes, Study Finds
Mutations are to blame for a syndrome often scoffed at as imaginary, researchers say.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, often dismissed as the imaginings of depressed and whiny people, is caused by genetic mutations that impair the central nervous system's ability to adapt to stressful situations, according to a major new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Small changes in many of the genes in the brain prevent the nervous system from rebounding from everyday stress and from less frequent, stronger pressures, eventually triggering a cascade of molecular responses that leave the patient severely debilitated, researchers reported Thursday in 14 separate papers in the journal Pharmacogenomics.

And I found this on a CFIDS/ME forum:
Genetics May Play Role in Chronic Fatigue
Chronic fatigue syndrome appears to result from something in people's genetic makeup that reduces their ability to deal with physical and psychological stress, researchers reported Thursday.

The research is being called some of the first credible scientific evidence that genetics, when combined with stress, can bring on chronic fatigue syndrome — a condition so hard to diagnose and so poorly understood that some question whether it is even a real ailment.

Researchers said the findings could help lead to betters means of diagnosing and treating chronic fatigue syndrome and predicting those who are likely to develop the disorder, which is characterized by extreme, persistent exhaustion.

"The results are ground-breaking," said Dr. William Reeves of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Reeves said the study demonstrates that people with chronic fatigue syndrome are unable to deal with everyday challenges and adversity. That could include injuries, illnesses, divorce, even stressful jobs, the researchers said.

The CDC estimates more than 1 million Americans have the condition, with women suffering at four times the rate among men.

I'm sorry, but this really makes me angry.

I have elevated levels of 2,5-A synthetase and RNaseL enzymes in the anti-viral pathways of my immune system. Only a virus can do this to a person's immune system. The only people who have these elevated anti-viral enzymes are people with AIDS and PWCs. Not even the flu will do this to the immune system. Only a long-term chronic viral illness will amp up the immune system like that.

It is not stress, no matter what genes we have. Stress can make it worse, but it cannot cause it.

Articles like those are going to do far more harm than good in the long run, i'm afraid.

That's typical of the shoddy attitude at the CDC. They're the people who misappropriated CFIDS/ME research funds several years ago, you know. They couldn't care less about getting to the bottom of it all, nor do they seem to care about how many PWC's lives they are destroying by promoting stuff like this.

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