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Stevens Creek County Park

Stevens Creek County Park

We've had some storms and rain here lately. It's been wet all week. So what do D. and I do on the weekend? We go to a reservoir. What's a little more water after all we've already had, anyway? Here's my pics from the Rim Trail at Stevens Creek County Park.

Stevens Creek is up from all the rain.

Arroyo willow catkins are drippy with rain.

California manroot.  It is a wild cucumber native to western North America.

We catch a glimpse of the reservoir's spillway from the trail.

The ground is saturated from all the recent rain, and temporary vernal pools develop in low spots on the ground.

We get closer to the foot of the reservoir and see heavy equipment on the side of the dam.

At the foot of the dam we see water monitoring equipment.

Across the path from the staff gauge is the reservoir's outlet works, used when water flow exceeds the diversion capacity of the dam but not high enough to warrant the use of the dam's spillway.

The outlet structure is fenced off, with a warning.

And they aren't kidding!

A torrent spews from the outlet, swollen from several days of rain.  The gatehouse structure, and the very ground itself, trembles from the force of the water, and the roar is incredibly loud.  It is like standing next to a freight train thundering past a few feet away.

Video of outlet torrent roaring downstream:

Video of vibrating padlock on outlet gatehouse door:

Sign on the gatehouse door.  I wonder if the struck-through W means Water?  And why the gatehouse needs a hazmat sign in the first place?

I find it odd that the gatehouse has hatches on its roof, in addition to a door.

As we continue up the Rim Trail toward the reservoir, Stevens Canyon Rd. comes into view on the left.

Stevens Creek Reservoir, in the rain.

There is a raven on the shore.  In the rain.

Fruit trees around the shore are in bloom, bright spots in a gloomy, rainy day.  These look like cherries, from a distance.

It's a great day for ducks on the reservoir, in the rain.

We walk along the dam toward the fenced-off spillway, a target for taggers.

There is no fence at the bottom of the spillway, we can walk right up to it.

As if that keeps anybody out.

In case you were wondering which brand is preferred by taggers . . .

The creek at the bottom of the spillway wends through the woods.

Spiky cocklebur seed pods on weeds growing at the bottom of the spillway.

It rains.  Branches drip.

Another look at the spillway from beneath the sprawling limbs of a huge walnut growing at its base.

The seed head of a sedge growing at the water's edge.

It rains, water into water.


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