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Coyote Point

Coyote Point

On Sunday D. and I decided to head on up to Coyote Point in San Mateo, and I took some pics. Here they be.

We park next to the yacht club.  The masts of the boats in the marina fill the sky.

Coyote Point was originally an island surrounded by salt marsh.  In the 1800s the marsh between the mainland and the island was filled in. The point is basically a red rock formation with a thin layer of salty soil, which limits the kinds of plants that can grow there.  Here is a view looking across San Francisco Bay toward the East Bay and Mt. Diablo on the horizon.

A black-bellied plover feeds on the mudflats.

The breakwater hosts a couple dozen cormorants drying out between dives into the water for fish.

Another view over the water, near the marina's channel markers.  Tiny sandpipers are feeding along the water's edge.

A steady stream of planes goes overhead, coming in to land at San Francisco International Airport a couple of miles immediately to the northwest.

In a vernal pool next to the trail, a mallard takes a swim.

A lupine blooms next to the trail.

Some of the boats in the marina.

In a patch of fennel by the trail, an Anna's hummingbird watches us go past.

He seems nervous, ready to fly off.

At the last second he turns his head, revealing his iridescent neck feathers.

Iceplant blooms along the path.

A least sandpiper probes the mud for tiny creatures to eat.

A willet.

On the edge of the Bay we see what looks like a very beat-up portion of a floating dock.

This thing hasn't floated in a very long time.

It has lots of algae growing on it.

It has lots of lichen growing on it.

A rusty eyelet on the mystery object.

The wood is weathered and warped.

It sports little gardens here and there where enough organic matter has become lodged in the crevices to support little sprigs of grass.

The San Mateo Bridge arches over the Bay to the south.

Cormorants sunning themselves on the marina's breakwater.

Someone didn't pick up after combing their dog with a Zoom Groom

The channel markers leading out of the marina to the Bay.

Is this rust or the planet Mars?

Another plane comes in to land at SFO.

They fly overhead about every 30 seconds.

A snowy egret.

Lesser scaup, one of the most abundant and widespread diving ducks in North America.

This pup came over to say hi as his person walked him nearby.

Oh, look! I has a money!  Now I can has cheezburger?

Invasive, non-native fennel lines the trail.

A pair of mallards grazes on the yacht club lawn.

Wild radish is in bloom.

Daisies and dandelions make a cheerful display on the lawn.


A gull in the marina drives off smaller birds.

The red spot at the tip of its lower beak is pecked by its chick, which stimulates it to regurgitate partially-digested food to feed the chick.  The spot fades after breeding season.

A cormorant defies the gull in the marina.

Rock roses and redbuds in the marina parking lot are in bloom.

A milk snail snoozes in some iceplant.

A white domestic duck hangs out in the marina.

At the northern end of the point we get a view through the haze into downtown San Francisco.

The Sutro Tower is (hazily) prominent in this pic.

A glimpse of the airport, with a few planes visible on the runways.

As we return, a Western grebe paddles around the marina.

Near the parking lot we see a fresh green field tenanted by this lone purple anemone.

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