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Found Poetry: Nebula Is

Found Poetry: Nebula Is

nebula is

nebula is an old story
nebula is a well
nebula is fabulous

nebula is an explosion of a giant star
nebula is a result of a supernova explosion
nebula is the remnant of the supernova
nebula is about one light
nebula is?

nebula is named for its three lobed appearance
nebula is about 1

nebula is closing

nebula is an example of an emission nebula
nebula is a planetary nebula
nebula is the helix nebula
nebula is relatively bright and large
nebula is of about 65 arc seconds in diameter
nebula is smaller than it appears

nebula is a cosmic cloud of gas and dust floating in space
nebula is a cloud of dust hanging in space
nebula is an open cluster

nebula is a magnitude 5
nebula is a mere 1
nebula is a star

nebula is a visually striking example
nebula is certainly a showpiece
nebula is overexposed

nebula is in the constellation vulpecula
nebula is located in the middle of the sword region of the constellation orion
nebula is found in the belt of the orion constellation
nebula is the trapezium

nebula is a glowing cloud of hydrogen
nebula is like a cosmic refrigerator

nebula is one which can be observed, a luminous patch of light
nebula is a tremendous cloud of hydrogen gas and dust in which new stars are currently being formed
nebula is a cloud that is composed of gas and dust, and appears hazy

nebula is one of the most beautiful objects in the sky
nebula is one of the more illusive objects in the sky
nebula is one of the most interesting objects in the sky
nebula is certainly the most impressive object of its kind in the sky

nebula is the horsehead

nebula is caused by intense ultraviolet radiation
nebula is a pinkish red color

nebula is where stars are being born
nebula is now about 7 light years across and 944 years old
nebula is an expanding shell of gas

nebula is named
nebula is very hard to photograph because of the tremendous brightness of the star
that lights the nebula
nebula is so named for its not
nebula is

(the above found poem is comprised exclusively of lines found at and entering nebula in the search box)

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