May 10th, 2005

'Everything has come back . . .'

'Everything has come back . . .'

I got a call this afternoon from J. in Dr. S.'s office, saying "I'm calling to let you know that everything has come back . . . "

For a disorienting moment or two I thought this was some kind of coded message from the Universe, perhaps regarding my karma. All my pigeons have finally come home to roost? Or everything I've ever lost has been found and is now ready to be returned to me? (All those odd socks from the laundry, finally!) Or maybe all my emotional losses have been gathered, cleansed, mended and restored to my heart. Or, best of all, somehow magically Patrick has come back, safe and sound, whole and healthy.

Of course, I immediately realized it was just his extremely delicate (and vague) way of telling me Patrick's ashes have been delivered to them and are ready to be picked up.

Looks like I get to make the pilgrimage one last time after all.