June 19th, 2006

The Wrong Number

The Wrong Number

This is a message left on my voicemail Saturday evening:

"Hi guys, is anybody there? . . . Hello? . . . CJ, this is your mom, um, trying to get a hold of you . . . I need you to do some stuff for us. Um, I need you to go to our house and pick up, um, my medicine for my stomach? It's called Glycolox, it's on the bathroom counter, left-hand side. It's in a white plastic bottle with a cap on top of it. If it's not on the left-hand side it's in the second or third drawer of the same bathroom counter.

"I need my short khaki skirt that's hanging on the top rack on the right-hand side as you walk into my closet. It's short, something Roxanne might wear. And then, um, your dad needs his blue sandals, they're light blue, they have a yellow trim around them, they're possibly [unintelligible], they're down underneath his sport coats, in that area somewhere.

"And if you've got space for something, would you please see if you can find my [unintelligible], they should be under my Henley shirts in my closet.

"We'll try you . . . [male voice in background, "We'll try you (unintelligible)"] . . . uh, we'll try you on your cell phone. Bye. . .

". . . Please?"