November 5th, 2008

I saw a zeppelin today!

I saw a zeppelin today!

I saw a zeppelin today!

I took this pic from my front yard this morning. It's an airship run by a new company based at nearby former naval air station Moffett Field, which has a blimp hangar which used to house the USS Macon.

More pics:

Too bad rides on it cost about $500.   

I used to want to go on one of those helicopter tours of San Francisco Bay. Now I'm thinking a zeppelin ride would be light-years cooler.

And it would be totally grand. There's nothing grand about a helicopter ride. Out of the ordinary, yes, but not grand.

But a zeppelin airship -- now that's grand. That's genteel. That's posh. That makes a helicopter tour seem so crass, so clunky, so unhip (and still unaffordable at about $200).

Oh well. It's fun to dream about.