August 18th, 2009

Alviso Levees

Alviso Levees

Saturday D. and I went out on the levees in Alviso. I took these pics.

We wind up out by salt pond A17.

The green area is an algae mat and has lots of birds on it.

This boardwalk goes out to the Union Pacific railroad tracks, beyond which is the ghost town Drawbridge, slowly sinking into the marsh.

A relic of Drawbridge.

The Diablo Range, to the east.

Here comes Amtrak, choo choo.

Northbound trains run in reverse with the locomotive at the rear.

A few black-necked stilts in the salt pond.

We found an enormous pod of pelicans, hundreds of them.

Pelicans grooming, snoozing, socializing, doin' pelican stuff.

Looking across the marsh to Drawbridge.

The near shore of salt pond A17.

The Diablo Range.