October 1st, 2009

Stuff Underfoot

Stuff Underfoot

Around town, I see lots of stuff below me, underfoot, on the street. Here's some of it.

Where construction or repairs are due, there are cryptic symbols and numbers.

There are intriguing words and phrases.  What do they all mean?

The sprightly little star undermines the seriousness of the problem.

International goodwill?  (Actually, Underground Service Alert, or USA, is a national network that tracks all underground water pipes, gas lines, electrical conduits, television cables, etc. Because these lines and pipes can be damaged by anyone digging underground, municipalities and utilities list all of their pipes and other underground equipment in the USA database. They also have a toll-free "Dig Alert" phone number for homeowners and contractors to call before doing any excavation. I don't know what "Irish" signifies, though. )

No TV!  OK, fine with me.


This stroll by the railroad tracks is brought to you by the letter J.

Someone has made a little shrine on a memorial brick at the downtown transit center.

We have some complicated grates in town.

I think I'm being watched. What do you think?

And that's some of what I see underfoot around town.