November 27th, 2011

Sunday Bugs: Western Avocado Leafroller

Sunday Bugs: Western Avocado Leafroller

This moth is a Western Avocado Leafroller (Amorbia cuneana). Its primary food is avocado leaves, and while we have none, there are several avocado trees farther down on my street.

In addition to avocado leaves, I know it also likes cyclamen leaves, because its larvae almost completely denuded mine. When I saw the larvae finally stop eating my cyclamen and start to pupate, I put them in my snail tank, and a few days later 2 moths hatched out. This is one of them, resting on the lid of the tank.

Within hours of hatching the two began mating with each other in the tank and remained that way for almost a full day. I had to nudge them gently out of the tank and into the garden to get on with their adult lives. (I wonder if the adult moths remember being caterpillars after they pupate? )