July 27th, 2013

Contents Of My Purse

Contents Of My Purse

Contents of purse:
prescription sunglasses
Baggu re-usable bag
Buddhist mandala sand
Rescue Remedy
latex glove
business cards
2 pocket notebooks
disabled parking placard
Spin Pin hair pins
2013 pocket calendar
San Francisco transit map
second-hand bookstore wish lists
Nikon Coolpix P5100
digital timer
change purse ($8 in bills, $3 in quarters)
disabled parking placard paperwork
tire warranty
glasses cleaning cloth
personal medication record
credit union ID card
Bed Bath & Beyond coupons
expired driver's license
DH's phone number
knitting needle inventory list
cell phone
compass zipper pull
hair elastic

Contents of earth tone wallet:
driver's license
organ donor card
ICE info
California insurance card (expired)
photo of Patrick
photo of Mao
debit card
credit card
Macy's card
Chico's Passport card
Chevron card
Legal Shield card
credit union ATM card
AAA card
veterinary business cards
emergency car door key
dental floss
East West Bookstore card
BART ticket
Pre-Paid Legal membership card
Walgreens prescription plan card
Golden Access Passport
Medicare card

Contents of black wallet:
PetCo card
PetSmart card
REI card
Costco card
library card
rubber band

Contents of black and gold pouch:
cell phone charger
hair clip
lens cap
rubber band

Contents of blue + multicolor pouch:
5 pens
address book
glasses cleaning cloth
pocket mirror
travel sewing repair kit
tape measure
brocade drawstring pouch
rubber bands
scratch pad
blue feather

Contents of white and pastel ombré bag:
mini calculator
antiseptic wipes
travel size toothbrush and toothpaste
nail clippers
600 grit sandpaper
empty film canister
lens cloth
paper napkins
case with super tampon and super plus tampon

Contents of yellow ombré bag:
pocket mirror
mini lighter
lip balm
soap leaves
600 grit sandpaper
paper clip
dental floss
hair clip
mini compass
safety pins
nail clipper
mini Swiss Army knife
alcohol wipes
tiny ziploc bag
mini flashlight
$1.10 in coins
mini box with single tablets of Tylenol, aspirin and antihistamine

I don't even know why I have half this stuff.