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Today's Field Trip: San Jose Museum of Art

Today's Field Trip: San Jose Museum of Art

Today D. and I spent some time at the San Jose Museum of Art.

I really enjoyed looking at the Il Lee and Sandra Sunnyo Lee works. Il Lee does ballpoint pen drawings. Huge ballpoint pen drawings. Some parts are solid black! Huge parts are solid black! That's a lot of drawing with a mere ballpoint pen. I wonder if he got carpal tunnel syndrone. D. said "I'll bet he went through more than one pen." Sandra Sunnyo Lee paints faces --- big faces, in extreme close-up. I wish the museum had more than 2 of her paintings on view, because they were cool.

Another cool piece in the permanent collection was Michael McMillen's "Third Eye", which is a mind-bending multi-media piece. You look through a peephole in a padlocked red door into a trompe-l'oeil diorama of a 1960s head shop, including a strobe light, black light posters, a working ceiling fan, and more, with music from that era coming from inside (and supposedly incense, but I didn't smell any). It was like its own little private microscopic world inside there.

I also enjoyed some of the Contemporary Ceramics collection as well as the Shadow Drawings by Amy Sollins.

The museum lobby had three chandeliers by glass artist Dale Chihuly suspended from the ceiling. I do not want to be in that lobby during an earthquake!!!

Today was very cultural and edumacational.

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