January 1st, 2015

McClellan Ranch Preserve

McClellan Ranch Preserve

On Saturday D. and I visited McClellan Ranch Preserve (a former horse ranch from the 1930s featuring a nature museum, community garden and historic buildings), where we visited its Junior Nature Museum and walked the nature trail alongside Stevens Creek.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Colorful buckets outside the Junior Nature Museum.

Inside the Junior Nature Museum we see a cattle skull wearing a cozy scarf, a bearded dragon and a collection of skulls and bones.

Outside on the nature trail next to Stevens Creek, we find a cryptic note on the banks and an offering of flowers in the water.

Bare sycamore branches sprawl overhead.

Stevens Creek.

A sweet gum leaf glows in the afternoon sunshine.

The woods next to the creek.

Another look at Stevens Creek.

Interesting things overhead: a raven perched on a sycamore branch, and the moon and a contrail.

Cottonwoods are brilliant yellow.

One last look at Stevens Creek before we go back home.