June 27th, 2015

There And Back Again: An Amtrak Excursion, Part 2: Jack London Square, Oakland

There And Back Again: An Amtrak Excursion, Part 2: Jack London Square, Oakland

Part Two of my Amtrak excursion, pics taken in and around Jack London Square.

The Amtrak station at Jack London Square.

Train tracks run right through Jack London Square, and are used by a couple of freight lines in addition to three Amtrak routes.  While we were there an Amtrak train broke down only 2 blocks from the station and obstructed an intersection for a very long time.

Public art.  It changes appearance depending on which side is seen.

A statue of C.L. Dellums, very appropriate for an Oakland train station.

On our way to lunch we pass un édifice très prétentieux.

Lunch at Souley Vegan.

D. had deep-fried kale on a bed of kale with kale sauce and lemon wedges, I had a black bean-quinoa burger with tomato, sprouts, tangy vegan mayo, onion, pickle and lettuce plus a side salad, and we split a plate of black-eyed pea fritters with spicy chutney and cilantro.

The light poles at Jack London Square are decorated with bikes.

Palms at Jack London Square.

A cormorant in the Oakland Estuary searches for fish to eat.

The cranes at the neighboring Port of Oakland stand ready to load or unload container ships.

A flotilla of law enforcement boats (California Highway Patrol, Oakland Fire/Rescue and Oakland Police, among others) are docked here.

The USS Potomac, a National Historic Landmark, berthed at Jack London Square.

Flags fly in Jack London Square.

A sailboat plies the Oakland Estuary, with the Port of Oakland to the right and the San Francisco skyline in the background.

The good life.

Canada geese in the Oakland Estuary on patrol, looking for food to eat or handouts from tourists (a no-no).

A lone greylag goose is among this flock of Canada geese.

Antennae sprout from the KTVU-TV building, whose studios are at the edge of Jack London Square.

A Canada goose in the Oakland Estuary.

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