July 21st, 2015

Shoreline Park

Shoreline Park

On a hot, humid Sunday, D. and I intended to go walk the Permanente Creek Trail here in town, because I was too weak to go someplace hilly or someplace farther away.  But a concert at adjacent Shoreline Amphitheater made it impossible to find parking in that area, so we went to nearby Shoreline Park instead, and I took some pics before I got too tired and we had to come home.

An office complex alongside the trail warns us about recycled water.

It's 92ºF and very humid, making birds such as this raven pant in the heat.

Bindweed grows at the side of the trail.

Wasps visit a fennel blossom.

We catch glimpses of the neighboring golf course as we make our way along the trail.

Permanente Creek.

A great egret in a Permanente Creek culvert.

The sun has a halo around it.

The trail takes us past Rengstorff House, the oldest house in Mountain View and an example of Victorian Italianate architecture.

We pause at a bench to view the tidal marsh.

Machines used for repairing the cap on the landfill beneath the park are idle.

The trail takes us past a salt pond in San Francisco Bay.



A white pelican looks for fish to eat in the salt pond.

California buckwheat.