January 7th, 2016

San Bruno Mountain Park

San Bruno Mountain Park

On Saturday D. and I went to San Bruno Mountain State And County Park, where we walked the Bog Trail, and I took some pics.

The Bog Trail.  It really does go through a bog (eventually, not right here).

California aster floof.

A few blackberry blossoms still sling to the vine, while some of the leaves still wear their autumn colors.

More floof, from coyote brush.

The trail winds through cypress trees to a gulch where Colma Creek arises.

A few fern fronds have succumbed to frost.

The trail ascends a gentle slope out of the gulch.

Branches are festooned with tufts of lichen that rely on the moisture brought in from the ocean on the fog.

Cotoneaster berries, an invasive non-native pest plant, provide a bright counterpoint amid the muted greens, browns and grays of the woods.

Golden-crowned sparrows, a winter resident in California, feed on seeds and insects on the ground and in low vegetation.

The trail rises higher to view the ridge of San Bruno Mountain.

More cotoneaster.

An American Airlines jet flies overhead after taking off from nearby San Francisco International Airport.

Dead thistles face the late afternoon sun.