January 14th, 2016

Arastradero Preserve

Arastradero Preserve

On Sunday, under threatening skies, D. and I took a short walk on the Red Tail Loop Trail at Arastradero Preserve, and I took some pics before the sprinkles began.

Some of last summer's dry grasses have yet to yield to the winter rains.

Emerald green grass carpets the hillsides.

Red Tail Loop Trail.

Wet weather has spawned fungi.

The view from farther along the trail.

Wild mustard is popping into bloom.

Equestrian practice on the trail.

Felt Lake is visible beyond the preserve's boundary.  The brown dirt in the right foreground is dry lakebed exposed by the prolonged drought.

Cattle graze beside Interstate 280, and Stanford's Big Dish radio-telescope on the horizon scans the skies for extra-terrestrial life.

A huge blue gum tree at the preserve boundary is in the process of engulfing this No Trespassing sign.

The trail wends its way through a grassland habitat.

A northern harrier cruises low over the hillsides in search of unwary ground squirrels.