January 19th, 2016

Triton Museum of Art Sculpture Garden

Triton Museum of Art Sculpture Garden

On a drizzly Saturday, D. and I took a short stroll around the sculpture garden behind the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara (because it was close and had flat, paved paths with benches), and I took a few pics before I became too exhausted to be on my feet any longer.

An untitled sculpture near the parking lot.

The historic Jamison-Brown House, available for special event rental.

The house's balustrade makes a rhythmic pattern of light and shadow.

The gardens around the house are in bloom with camellias, calla lilies and Indian hawthorn.

A squirrel on a nearby redwood is on alert after chasing off a rival.

As a stroll further we see more camellias and a rose.

Around the front of the museum, tall palms frame the entrance.

Head of "Morgan Horse," a statue near the museum's entrance by Alexandrovich “Sascha” Stanislav Schnittmann.

In the sculpture garden we see another untitled piece.

This is "The Young Cowboy" by Richard P. Murphy.

This is "The Cowboy" by Francis Minturn Sedgwick.

This dog is part of a larger group comprised of a male and female figures and another dog.

From the Civic Center across the street we see the top of Benny Bufano's missile-like, slightly unnerving "Universal Child" sculpture, playing peek-a-boo.