January 28th, 2016

Los Alamitos Creek Trail

Los Alamitos Creek Trail

On Sunday, our first rain-free day in I'm not sure how long, D. and I took a little walk on the stretch of the Los Alamitos Creek Trail in San José between Almaden Lake and Cloverhill Dr, and I took some pics.

The previous night's raindrops still cling to the grass blades along the trail.

All the rain is making mushrooms sprout up.

A look down the embankment toward Los Alamitos Creek.

Madia flowers brighten up the embankment.


A clump of chanterelles on the opposite bank.

Looking upstream.

Galls cling to dormant oak branches.

A bee visits a dwarf lavender flower.

Down at the creek, a merganser is about to enter the water.

Looking downstream, and looking upstream.

Buds are about to pop.

Looking south along the trail.

What's a field trip without power lines?

An acorn woodpecker sits on a branch above the trail.

It's a sycamore sky.