May 26th, 2016

Bair Island

Bair Island

On Sunday, D. and I went to Bair Island Ecological Reserve, because I needed someplace with flat, easy trails since I still can't walk very well, and we wanted to visit before the hot summer weather set in, since there's no shade there.  Here are some of the pics I took.

The trail goes between a slough and Highway 101.

Feral artichokes grow on the side of the trail.

Alkali heath is a common plant near salt marshes.

A Surf Air Pilatus PC-12 comes in to land at nearby San Carlos Airport.

Mesembryanthemum is another common salt marsh plant.

Gumplant is yet another common salt marsh plant.

Another plane coming in to land, this time a Piper PA-28-161.

Wild radish is a non-native found in abundance here.

A red poppy is an anomaly here, probably an escapee from someone's garden.

A thistle seed head is ready to let loose.

Little clumps of daisies are scattered here and there.

A Robinson R-44 Raven helicopter swings over the trail on its way to the airport.

These mudflats used to be salt evaporation ponds and are being restored to their former tidal wetland habitats.