June 14th, 2016

Cooley Landing

Cooley Landing

On Saturday D. and I went to Cooley Landing, because they had their "grand opening" a few weeks ago.  But we found the Education Center empty, closed, and fenced off.  So we wandered around on the trail instead, and I took some pics.

Welcome.  But keep out.

A ground squirrel approaches us in the parking lot.

Around the back of the building, another squirrel lays in the shade on the cool concrete.

A pea-like flower.

Another look at the Education Center and its jutting roofline.

One of the abandoned tires stuck in the mud next to the landing.  (I photographed the same tire 5 years ago.)

It's low tide today.

These look like squirrel tracks in the mud.

A channel in the mud is lined with Eastern mudsnails (Ilyanassa obsoleta), an invasive non-native.

A rustic fence on the grounds.

Cheerful daisies grow all around.

A ground squirrel keeps an eye on things from a fence rail.

The vast expanse of mudflats.

Part of the Bay Trail goes through here.

Have I mentioned it's low tide?

A huge batch of Eastern mudsnails.

Looking across what was once a debris-strewn meadow atop a landfill, we see the new Education Center.

Another look at the Education Center before heading back home.