July 12th, 2016

Eden Landing Ecological Reserve

Eden Landing Ecological Reserve

On Saturday D. and I took a little walk on the trail at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve, and I took a few pics before we had to turn back and head home.

Part of the Bay Trail goes through here.

Mt. Eden Creek glimmers in the afternoon sunshine as it wends through the reserve on its way to the Bay.

A former salt pond is now in the process of reverting to a natural tidal marsh.  (The trail to the Whales Tail is closed and we do not get a chance to see it, whatever it is (I do not think it is an actual whale's tail).)

It isn't a field trip without power lines.

Another part of the restored salt pond.

Fennel bobs in the wind.

Blue, orange and green marker posts stride across levee remnants, mysterious objects perhaps related to the salt pond restoration project.

Do Not Enter.

A view across part of the restored pond.

Ruins of the old Oliver Salt Works.

A brine fly rests in the shallows of the pond.

Red mesembryanthemum and green pickleweed are taking over the levee.

Mesembryanthemum flower.

A power pole stands like a sentinel in the late afternoon light.