September 8th, 2016

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

On Saturday D. and I drove over the hill to visit Santa Cruz.  Here are some of the pics I took before I got too tired from the holiday crowds and noise and chaos.

A sailboat in Monterey Bay.

The view from the lighthouse into the bay.

The flag at the lighthouse whips around in the fierce breeze.

A bee visits a sea fig at the top of the bluff.

The beach to the west of the lighthouse.

A dogs romps in the surf.

Looking back toward the lighthouse.

Flags flutter at the Municipal Wharf.

A view of the main beach from the wharf.

A swim buoy keeps boats away from bathers.

Rental boats are stacked up on the wharf.

A sea lion looks cute, hoping the tourists on the wharf above toss it some snacks (a bad idea).