September 16th, 2016

Babelfishing Poetry: "Until No Warrior!"

Babelfishing Poetry: "Until No Warrior!"

Hello!  And how are you today?  Good?  Yes?  No?  In-between?  Rather not say?  Keeping it a secret?  (That's okay; I won't tell).  Here's another installment of Babelfishing poetry, where I take song lyrics, run them through an on-line translator such as (but not necessarily) Babelfish, shake up the punctuation a bit, and wind up with a quirky kind of poem.

This week's song, courtesy of Bob Marley and the Wailers, is "Get Up, Stand Up" (listen to the Wailers sing it here, or watch live video of Tracy Chapman's performance here).  Enjoy. 

Until No Warrior!

The pastor said,
"Denmark, testify to the Paradise on Earth."
I know,
life is what you deserve.
All green gold,
I'm ready to tell half the story.
Current light, people!
Rulings are not blind. Come on!

The sentience of all the people,
the gods in heaven,
remove all.
It is all of the rust.
But life does not know snakes from the cost
on the ground.
There is now light in my neighborhood.
The protection of the right, yes!

You have to feed the sports skateboarding,
God and Paradise and 'ihristos.
We understand that we don't know
the Tao of life coming back.
You can fool some of the people sometimes;
you are a moron, but all the time.
Now we see light.
What is not opposed to people?
As a goal right in our lives will be protected, Bernardo!

Ah, yes, yes!
From the right,
until no warrior!